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Project Protect Status Update

May 12, 2016


The Project Protect Engineering Service Learning Team strives to provide basic health information on the topics of prevalent community illnesses and antibiotic resistant bacteria to the multi-cultural Merced community via innovation and design. This project focuses on increasing the interactions of multi-ethic communities and their older generation patients with their healthcare providers through an application. Due to language barrier and lack of communication, these patients may have difficulty asking needed questions to their providers about recommended treatments. To mediate this problem, the team’s application will improve communication between patient and providers by translating medical terms into other languages for non-English speakers and providing sample questions regarding treatments so that patients can be better informed regarding their treatments.


The team has been recording all the necessary documentation on the methods for creating the app as well as the research sources. Each member on the app team had been coding a different page of the app throughout the entire semester, and each member worked on writing out the methods for app development for their respective assignments. The research team worked on completing the sources for citation and adding the information into the app. 


The goals for next week is to complete the app prototype entirely.