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UAV Status Update

April 14, 2016
The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Engineering Service Learning team (UAV) is working to design and implement a UAV system that will provide local, small-scale farmers with an efficient method of disease detection and crop management through precision techniques.
The team is collectively ready for the preliminary design review. The platform team is still working on the manual photo capturing feature of the UAV. The camera that will be mounted onto the UAV is still able to capture images automatically on a timer, but it needs to do it based off the mission planners. The solution to this problem is attaching the UAV with an IR camera, which does not need a clicker for remotely capturing images.
The imaging team has started building the user interface. The user interface that was constructed last semester needed much work. Therefore, the team has opted to create an interface from scratch. The imaging team’s goals are to proceed with more tests on Microsoft ICEs stitching capabilities, using different methods to improve its effectiveness when dealing with highly repetitive patterns. The imaging team will also be researching and testing alternative image stitching software that will be able to handle high amounts of repetition.
The goals for the platform team include having the user interface completed in under three weeks.