Merced County Rescue Mission


Adding capacity for respite care for the homeless population in Merced County. 

The Hope Respite program through the Merced County Rescue Mission (MCMR provides people in crisis, who do not have a home, a place to stay while they recover after receiving medical treatment, saving the county $3.3 Million in hospitalization cost since it opened. The MCRM Engineering Service Learning team is creating a system to transfer paper medical records to a digital case management program to better account for the services provided by the rescue mission. 

Project Status 

As of the Spring 2017 semester, the MCRM team is testing the system with dummy files, to ensure accurate transfer of data to the new case management system, which will take place in late April of 2017.  


Faculty Adviser

Dean Mark Matsumoto

School of Engineering

Community Partner

Merced County Rescue Mission


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