Put this CLASS on your Resume!

March 21, 2016

By Kathrine Teresi, Marketing Assistant

Our class is called ENG 97/197, but don’t let that scare you away.

Engineering Service Learning is here to help you make your future career happen by gaining experience employers seeking in prospective employees by going to free trainings to diversify your resume and delivering a finished product to a nonprofit organization.

Students in ENG 97/197 —Engineering Service Learning (ESL) — course are making big things happen for themselves and others as they gain valuable practical experience that makes them more hirable.

ESL student teams partner with nonprofit organizations and puts a team of students together to solve design-based problems for the nonprofit. Students meet once a week, and throughout the course, learn to use their skill sets to solve problems.

Students get free training, experience that enhances their resumes, a low workload and the satisfaction of delivering a finished product to a happy customer.

The class is open to all majors, you don’t need prerequisites and you don’t have to have any previous experience because Engineering Service Learning provides training, support and faculty mentors for the student-driven projects.

Engineering Service Learning organizes free workshops called Skill Sessions. Diversify your resume to become the best candidate possible for current job postings by attending these workshops, which include topics like: soldering, Mat Lab, and Arduino.

Some of our community partners include the Merit ePartners, Healthy House and the Merced Department of Education (MCOE). Each community partner has different problems that are applicable to all majors, and we guarantee each student will find his or her place on a team.

In the real world, students work with a variety of people. Each team has a variety of positions, including project manager, assistant project manager, communications officer, finance officer and intellectual property official.

Each student who takes this class at UC Merced leaves ready to meet his or her next challenges.  Juan De Simon, member of the Nat App Engineering Service Learning team, said “I learned more leadership and time management skills from Engineering Service Learning. These skills are crucial because I can apply them in both the real world and the next Engineering Service Learning team.”