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Join Engineering Service Learning!

Make it Happen!

Why Join?

Engineering Service Learning offers courses (ENGR 097/197) with exciting real-world experience and opportunities for professional growth. Students develop skills in design while gaining insight about the ethical, economic, and legal issues surrounding design challenges. Other skills students will master with our class include teamwork, communication, leadership, and project planning. The Engineering Service Learning courses fulfill lower division humanities graduation requirements for all UC Merced majors. 

What is Engineering Service Learning?

We are a Class! Engineering Service Learning students work in multidisciplinary design teams to complete real-world projects for non-profit community partners. Our projects range from efforts in sustainability to helping the community. Some of our most noteworthy projects are using drones to detect illness in crops, restoring a windmill for the Vernal Pools Reserve, and igniting an interest in the sciences within Merced County schools

How to Join?

You can register for Engineering Service Learning (ENGR 097/197) as you would for any other UC Merced course. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Go on to your UC Merced portal
  2. Select the myRegistration tab on left side of the page
  3. Click Look up classes to add
  4. Select the term you are registering for and click submit
  5. Select Engineering in the subjects box and then click course search
  6. Choose ENGR 97 if you are a freshman/sophmore or ENGR 197 if you are a junior/senior
  7. Select the project you are interested and the lecture for that section

To see a full list of all the current project we have go here.

Keep in mind that team meeting attendance for the project you select is mandatory. Lecture and final schedule overrides can be accommodated.