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Bobcat Radio Project Details

Project Overview

While there are communications between the UC, local government, students, and influential parties within Merced, the average inhabitant of Merced is left on the periphery without a proper forum with which to air concerns or discuss issues relevant to them. There is also currently no Merced based platform for progressive dialogue or music as well, a significant niche that a college radio station normally occupies. Knowing that there is potential for creative and social output bridges the gap between the actual and the possible, and has the potential to bridge gaps between community and student knowledge and understanding.

The Bobcat Radio team is passionate about being a part of the integration of the Student Service into the culture of both UC Merced and Merced as a whole. Everyone in the team sees the potential for the Student Service to become an integral part of the UCM identity and has contributed a great deal to seeing their (the Student Service) vision to fruition. Seeing the success of other college radio stations (KCSS and KALX for example) has motivated the team and given them an idea of the possibilities for the future configuration of the Student Service.

Current Status

Our first goal was to draft our project charter, which will provide the framework necessary to see our project to fruition. This was completed on 10/20/15. In order to do so, we will be combing the documents from previous Engineering Service Learning teams for information regarding licensing, hardware, software, programming, communications, etc. as well as gathering and compiling new information and data independently. Our second goal is to enter and finish the conceptual development phase of our project. In order to achieve this our team will be hard at work structuring the gathered information for use by our community partner and forwarding our findings and reports to OSL and the UC Office of the President (though we will only be forwarding to UCOP if obtaining an FCC license is feasible).