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Captivated Thinking Biographies for Fall 2018

Hector Alfaro Jr.

Project Manager

Hector Alfaro a third-year student pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Alfaro is the Project Manager of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking. 2018 is his second semester participating in the Engineering Service Learning program. Alfaro joined this team to gain practical hands-on experience. He hopes to improve his management and leadership skills as well as improve the project further. Alfaro has strong interests in software development and mobile development, and plans to be working as a software engineer in the future. He enjoys being around family, friends, and helping others.


Juan Ramirez

Intellectual Property Officer

Juan Ramirez is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student and the Intellectual Property Officer of the Captivated Thinking Engineering Service Learning team. He is also part of Alpha Phi Omega - a professional service fraternity that strives to perform community service for those in and around the Merced community. As a member of the Captivated Thinking team he hopes to help the community of Tuolumne County with their goals of growing a more prosperous economic environment. Ramirez sees his officer position on the Captivated Thinking team as an opportunity to gain valuable experience for his future career in Engineering.


Tahea Hossain

Procurement and Finance Officer

Tahea Hossain is a first-year student pursuing her degree in undeclared Engineering. Among her previous leadership roles are President of Muslim Student Association, Vice President of Bollywood Club, and being a mentor for freshmen at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, California. Working in groups to accomplish a larger purpose has been a positive experience for Hossain. She is looking forward to gaining more experience with leadership and building a strong understanding of what engineering is by participating in an Engineering Service Learning team. Hossain plans to bring the team a reliable source of getting paperwork and intermediate goals accomplished on time.

Caroline Love

Team Leader

Caroline Love is a third-year Material Science and Engineering student at UC Merced. Love is one of the team leads of the Engineering Service Learning team, Critical Thinking. She hopes that her position on the team will give her more experience with working with both team members as well as customers. Additionally, the process of finding a solution to make a system more efficient will increase Love's problem-solving skills for future implementation. With this experience, Love hopes to one day get a job improving raw product materials to create more cost-effective and environmentally sound products.

Tahunni Rhoades

Team Leader

Tahunni Rhoades is a first-year Management and Business Economics student and the team leader of the Engineering Service Learning team, Critical Thinking. The team's project, Automated Economic Snapshot, scrapes together economic and demographic data from internet sites that will be used to help gentrify rural counties in California. Through her interaction with her other classmates, community members, and consumers of this project, Rhoades plans to learn greater leadership and networking skills, and sharpen her business acumen to help her in the business world. Upon graduation from UC Merced, Rhoades plans to own her own pharmacy.

Gerardo Jarquin

Team Member

Gerardo Jarquin is a first-year student pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Jarquin is a member of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking, where he is working to help create a software program that makes economic snapshots for rural counties. In the past years, Jarquin has participated in organizations that spend their time volunteering for their community. Jarquin believes that small counties should have the same resources as those of larger communities. In the future, he plans to help small communities as much as possible to help them grow and prosper.