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Captivated Thinking Biographies for Spring 2018


Jose Luis Arrieta – Project Manager

Jose Luis Arrieta is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. Arrieta is the project manager of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking. Arrieta comes from Compton, an impoverished neighborhood outside of Los Angeles. Despite the financial limitations, he still managed to excel in engineering competitions throughout high school and college. Through this project, Arrieta hopes to gain information and learn techniques that will transfer into his professional career. Besides the classroom and fieldwork, Arrieta enjoys spending time with friends and family and having fun by finding adventure anywhere he goes.

Emmanuel Melgoza-Assistant Project Manager

Emmanuel Melgoza is a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student. Melgoza is the Assistant Project Manager of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking. Melgoza joined this team because he wants to provide rural areas with an economic snapshot that will provide information for potential economic growth. Melgoza would like to help develop the Tuolumne County by bringing in new business that will create new job opportunities for the Tuolumne residents. Aside from academics, Melgoza enjoys spending time with family and friends. In his spare time, you will find him on the field playing soccer. Melgoza seeks to gain leadership skills for a profession in the automotive industry.


Dean de la Resma - Intellectual Property Officer

Dean de la Resma is a third-year Bioengineering student and the Intellectual Property Officer of the Captivated Thinking Service Learning Team. Being part of this project provides him the opportunity to help inmates be more civil and be able to maintain a job once they are released as well help attract big companies and industries to industrialize in Tuolumne County so that there are more jobs available in their city. Academically, Dean dela Resma is currently interested in creating prosthetic limbs or artificial organs for people who may have lost theirs from diseases or disasters, but his final goal is to become a Biomedical Engineer so he can engineer medicine. Dean dela Resma plans on using this skill to help people in need and to create a medication that can help cure people of their pain and diseases as well as engineer artificial limbs or organs for those who may have lost theirs to diseases or other disasters.

Florentino Martinez – Procurement & Finance Officer

Florentino Martinez is a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student. Martinez is the Procurement and Finance Officer of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking. He choose this team because it gave him the opportunity to help develop the Tuolumne County, through the creation of an economic snapshot, a series of reports that project the economic health, and potential for growth in the area. Martinez also holds a leadership position as the Treasurer for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - Ingenieros Unidos chapter, where he does budgeting and finances for the organization. Martinez plans to retain his leadership skills for a profession in the aerospace industry.

Katelyn Fitzgerald- Communications Officer

Katelyn Fitzgerald is a fifth-year Developmental Biology student. She is the communications director of the Engineering Service Learning team Captivated Thinking. Fitzgerald chose this group because she felt the class would prepare her for working with diverse community members and community involvement, as well as give her opportunities to see what the central valley could offer its citizens held in captivity. Having experience with outreach and communications from her former roles on campus, Fitzgerald hopes she can integrate the mission of Captivated Thinking into her professional work to use all levels of her involvement to best serve the central valley.

Noel Fernandez- Team Leader

Noel Fernandez is a second year, Bioengineering major that has an interest in Genetics. Fernandez was the infield captain on his high school baseball team and also helped form a new woodshop club that invited high schoolers in the woodshop to take place in competitions. Choosing to be apart of Captivated Thinking he feels that he can make an impact on the community but also expand his horizons with the new experience. In the future, he wants to invent new products that will help the general public.

Alex Taylor - Team Leader

Alex Taylor is a second-year Computer Science and Engineering student and the coding sub-team leader for the Engineering Service Learning Team. Professional interests include graduating with a degree in computer science and being able to get hired in a shortage of computer engineers. Participating in this project allows Taylor to create and develop professional relationships and connections as well as build on professional mannerisms in the workplace that are necessary for success. Being the leader of the coding team, Taylor works with his teammates to build and develop into the economy of the surrounding area, helping further his interest in becoming a computer engineer.

Eric Gambetta-Guglielmana – Team Member

Eric Gambetta-Guglielmana is a fourth-year Computer Science and Engineering student perusing a career in software development. As a team member on the Captivated Thinking Service Learning team, Gambetta-Guglielmana is working on developing software to build an economic snapshot for the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority. Gambetta-Guglielmana has a strong passion for building software that can better connect people with agriculture needs. As a former intern at the USDA's ARS campus he has worked on building information databases to help people understand the difference between Genetic Engineered and Genetic Modified foods.

Lovepreet Kaur- Team member

Lovepreet Kaur is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. She is a team member for the Engineering Service Learning team, CThink (Captivated Thinking). Kaur chose this team because she is passionate about helping communities understand how they can develop. She works as a recycling intern on campus which has helped the campus reduce a large percentage of its waste. After graduation Kaur is interested in working in the automotive field in hopes to create eco-friendly vehicles. In her spare time, Kaur enjoys playing tennis and going hiking.

Annett Lopez – Team Member

Annett Lopez is a third-year student pursuing her bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Merced. She is a first-generation college student from San Diego, California who hopes to extend her knowledge and experience by being a member of the Engineering Service Learning team, Captivated Thinking. She chose this team because it is a great opportunity to work with students in different fields while also impacting the community. During her free time, Lopez enjoys playing sports and spending time with friends and family.