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Idea of Experience

April 7, 2014 - 11:00am

The Idea of Experience: How Service Learning and Volunteerism Invigorate Your Professional Development

A discussion seminar by Robert Goodman, STEM Career Specialist Career Services Center

The 21st century represents a significant paradigm shift in employment strategies for students seeking entry-level careers. In the 20th century, the focus was entirely placed on the value of the bachelor's degree for entry to the middle-class marketplace.

However, industry now relies on a combination of an educational background and practical field experiences to find the best candidates for open career positions.

This seminar involves a discussion of the idea of experience. From an employer’s perspective, what constitutes experience, and how does service learning fit into this experiential learning model?  We will reflect on your past experiences, and how we can transform experiences to viable professional opportunities.
Students attending this seminar will be able to:
  • Discover methods to obtain practical experiences;
  • Measure quality of experiential learning opportunities;
  • Understand employer metrics when looking at the résumé’s professional experience section; 
  • Understand the 21st century paradigm shift in the middle-class career market;
  • Understand how experience transforms an interview;
  • Understand what constitutes a core volunteer or leadership experience;
  • Develop fundamental professional development goals for future careers
The Foster Family Center For Engineering Service Learning is committed to promoting professional and technical skills and opportunities.
The Foster Family Center for Engineering Service Learning attracts students from all backgrounds and grade levels. Engineering Service Learning is an exciting design course that involves participation on multidisciplinary teams providing solutions to real challenges faced by nonprofit community partners.
The program helps prepare UC Merced students for future careers while engaging them in creative and practical endeavors and enhancing their opportunities to serve others.
The Skill Session Workshop Series provides participants with personal instruction to help develop practical, hands-on skills that prepare them for current projects and their future careers.


The PG&E Engineering Service Learning Laboratory (SE 160)

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