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N.I.S.E. Net Project Details

Project Overview

The NISE Net Engineering Service Learning team’s project objective is to create user-friendly experiments, related to nanotechnology, in an attempt to assist 7th and 8th grade teachers in educating their students about certain aspects and applications of nanotechnology.

In order to create appropriate and useful experiments for middle school students, the NISE Net team has partnered with Ron English, a local 7th and 8th grade science teacher from Cruickshank Middle School and the NISE Network. They will continue to create experiments that adhere to the Common Core State Standards’ curriculum by designing and filtering projects around these and NISE Network’s middle school education requirements. The NISE Net team has identified the need for more fun and interactive laboratory exercises that can be easily assembled and understood, while also being cost effective. They will approach the project by first identifying what the NISE net catalog has to offer, and also what it lacks as pertains to middle school lab exercises.

Current Status

The main goal for the Spring 2015 semester was to tweak the design to fit all of the specifications of Mr. English and theNISE Net organization. The NISE Net team created different models and tested them and they finally reached a conclusion with the design.

The final design has a strainer on the lid that shows filtration between the beads and water. The rest of the design involving the pump and hole in the cell wall which shows diffusion and concentration gradient remained the same for our final model. The model that was given to us from the Spring 2015 semester had a leak in the cell wall, so we used a different type of foam and glue to keep the cell wall completely waterproof.