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San Joaquin River Project Details

Project Overview

The SJR Team aims to inform the public about connections between water, sustainability, and climate in the San Joaquin Valley. Our community partners expect the SJR Team’s work to result in a finished and finalized kiosk system for public education and outreach, one that makes a difference. We are now to finishing and finalizing the hardware design and both the software and content of interactive kiosk that will attract the audience as well as demonstrate issues relating to the San Joaquin Valley, in particular the San Joaquin River. The Team SJR designed an interactive kiosk to be attractive, entertaining, engaging, and informative. We plan to deliver a fully functioning interactive kiosk system that is bug free. We will be using feedback from our users in order to improve the content, structure, and software before delivery of the kiosk. 

Current Status

The Fall 2015 semester’s progress for the project is mainly cosmetics and tuning. Content is refining and cleaning up grammatical errors in the slides and making all of the slides uniform for a better flow of the information and pictures during the presentation. Hardware is in the assigned the task to improve the visual appearance of the kiosk system as well as behind the scenes organization of wires and cables. Software will be in the process of improving the used program by getting rid of any bugs in the system and improving the ability of making the system more user-friendly. This is the last semester for this project and we have delivered the kiosk to the community partner location.