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Sustainable Sites Biographies for Fall 2018


Adrian Darian

Project Manager

Adrian Darian is a third-year Computer Science and Engineering student and currently the Project Manager on the Sustainable Sites Engineering Service Learning Team. Darian’s participation on this team allows him to help current, past, and all newcomers to UC Merced’s campus who have questions regarding encamps resources, tools of service, and most importantly what is sustainability and where to find it on campus. All the while, he has a great interest in school and his academics. But, he much prefers to be out there and working on multiple projects. In the future, he plans to work on several projects simultaneously in a company oriented to impacting the world.

Zeus Marquez 

Assistant Project Manager

Zeus Marquez is the Assistant Project Manager to the Sustainable Sites project for Engineering Service Learning. Marquez is a first-year Mechanical Engineer joining the project to gain first-and engineering project experience for his future endeavors and projects throughout his undergraduate career. With three years of leadership experience from his high school, FRC Robotics Team, Marquez formed a firm foundation of task management and charisma. As well as robotics, Marquez also worked 8 weeks as a Material Science Intern studying properties of nano-metals under his mentor, Dr. Claudia Luhrs. After graduation, Marquez hopes to enter graduate school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Francisco Mendoza

Intellectual Property Officer

Francisco Mendoza is a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student and the Intellectual Property Officer of the Engineering Service Learning team, Sustainable Sites. He chose it because it gave him a unique opportunity to be directly involved in informing students regarding UC Merced’s sustainability efforts. Academically, Mendoza is part of AIAA and is working on the jet pulse project at the research facility located in the Castle Air Museum in Atwater. He also enjoys golfing and spending time with his family. For Mendoza, dedication is a core value and as such, he is perseverant of his goals and flexible about his methods.

Daniel Fierro

Communications Officer

Daniel Fierro is a first year who is currently an undeclared student and the Communications Officer of the Engineering Service Learning Team, Sustainable Sites. Ultimately, this project will not only help expand Fierro’s outlook on sustainability in the real world but will also provide him with the opportunity to spread awareness to the community around him about sustainability.  Currently, Fierro is looking to become a part of a research team. Fierro chose to become a part of the Sustainable Sites team to learn and grasp new knowledge in the field of engineering. Fierro is looking to become an engineer for a company such as Google or JPL. 

John Misiaszek

Procurement Financial Officer

John Misiaszek is a third-year Material Science and Engineering student and the Procurement and Finance Officer of the Engineering Service Learning team, Sustainable Sites. The project’s ability to impact information accessibility on campus and enable creative expression through programming garnered his enthusiasm. Misiaszek works within Yue (Jessica) Wang’s Structural Electronics Research group, currently studying the effect that 3D printing resolution and directional printing have on the tensile characteristics of viscoelastic conjugated polymers and sol-gel glass. On his free time, he enjoys climbing and mountaineering, cooking exotic foods, and attending social events. Misiaszek will pursue a PhD in material science.

Weston Updegraff 

Engineering Team Leader

Weston Updegraff is a fifth-year Environmental Engineering student and Engineering Team Lead for the Sustainable Sites Engineering Service Learning team. Being part of this project has given him the ability to make the student body of UC Merced more invested in the extensive sustainability ventures on the campus allowing them to interact with them physically and digitally. He is a graduate of the Yosemite Leadership Program and has done water sampling as part of a mastication project in Mariposa. He likes remote sensing and GIS tools and would like to apply them to the wine industry.

Chad Leiske 

Team Leader

Chad Leiske is a fourth-year Cognitive Science major focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience. Leiske joined the Engineering Service Learning team, Sustainable Sites, as their team leader to expand his project experience and knowledge in other fields. Leiske hopes to help the campus become more knowledgeable regarding sustainability efforts. His goal during this semester is to improve his experimental design expertise. In addition, Leiske plans on training the User Experience team on aspects of rapid prototyping programs and certain experimental practices. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in User Experience Research working with companies of various means and sizes.

Luis Acevedo

Team Member 

Luis Acevedo is a first-year Mechanical Engineer leaning towards pursuing a career in the environmental and sustainability field and a team member to the Sustainable Sites Engineering Service Learning Team. Acevedo is part of the Ozone lab Engineering Service Learning team, working on implementing a mobile app to meet the Triple Zero goal initiative. He takes climate change very seriously and wants to participate in any project fighting this issue and any other environmental issues. By participating in the Ozone project, he plans on gaining perspective and valuable skills on his first hands-on engineer project that can be a base for his future career goals.

Manuel Baez Jr.

Team Member

Manuel Baez Jr. is a graduating Earth Systems scientist with a background in Applied Mathematical Sciences and Physics. He is also a team member of the Engineering Service Learning team, Sustainable Sites, and has an Associate's of Science degree in Applied Mathematics at Merced College. Being part of the project provides Baez with a meaningful opportunity to lend his expertise in problem-solving to help move the project into its final phase of completion. In 2019 Baez will pursue a Master’s degree in Education and move forward to further his interests in Educational Administration and Personal Development.

Nalleli Isordia

Team Member  

Nalleli Isordia is a fifth-year Earth Systems Science major with an emphasis in Environmental Sustainability and is a member of the Sustainable Sites Lab Engineering Service Learning team. Isordia is working on the design and user interface aspect of the team’s project which, when completed, will be an online application illustrating all the sustainable projects and resources that UC Merced offers. It will also be displayed on the Department of Sustainability’s website. Isordia plans on using the skills acquired during this project to address sustainability issues in her future career endeavors with the National Park Service.

Abigail Renteria

Team Member  

Abigail Renteria is a fifth-year Bioengineering student, declared pre-medical. Renteria is focused on wellness and healthcare practices for underserved communities. She joined the Sustainable Sites Engineering Service Learning team to further comprehend efficiency and sustainability. Through this team, she will develop creativity within environmental factors. She hopes to relate this to developing countries and their need for sustainability. She also anticipates that participation will improve her networking, time management, teamwork, abilities in both the professional and academic arenas. Following graduation, Renteria will pursue engineering related positions to efficient medical devices.

Gabbie Tern

Team Member  

Gabbie Tern is a first-year undeclared student and is a team member of the Sustainable Sites Engineering Service Learning Team. Tern graduated Top 20 of her high school class and has an interest in engineering and business. By being a part of this project, Tern hopes it will allow her to observe how real-life engineers perform their careers and ultimately help her make her decision on a major between business and engineering. Tern hopes that by participating she will be able to apply this new knowledge to the major she decides to be in and her future career.

Anthony Yang

Team Member  

Anthony Yang is a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student focusing on mechanical aerospace production. He is a team member of the Engineering Service Learning team, Sustainable Sites. Yang has designed a haptic cutting template for Advance Vision Science Inc. Yang is a second-year member of the Ozone team, which is in charge of the Department of Sustainability app. By joining the Ozone team, Yang hopes to improve his skills computer software and to improve his knowledge of completing task and timelines for his customers. Yang plans on joining the aerospace industry to create efficient designs and maximize development time.