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Team Bobcat Radio

Putting UC Merced on the air

Project Description

Bobcat Radio, the club, is destined to become the voice of UC Merced and the surrounding communities over the air-waves.  The Bobcat Radio Engineering Service Learning Team will be working towards creating an FM radio station for UC Merced that will broadcast new trends, and host events for the Merced Community. To prepare Bobcat Radio for FCC licensing, the Bobcat Radio (BR) Engineering Service Learning will be identifying the technical opportunities needed to complete the licensing application.  Students will utilize technical design, and media production principles to identify and provide solutions to the meet the needs of our burgeoning radio station.

Faculty Adviser:
Professor Jayson Beaster-Jones

Research Interests:

  • Ethnomusicology 
  • Anthropology
  • South Asian Studies

Community Partner:
UC Merced Bobcat Radio


Team Biographies

Meet the team that make this happen.