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Get S.E.T.

Revolutionizing K-12 instruction in Merced County

In Cooperation with Healthy House, the Project Protect Engineering Service Learning team is working to reduce the communication gap between healthcare providers and their patients.  By creating a user-centric mobile application, the team is providing users with a list of questions and prompts to aid them in understanding the treatments by their doctors.  The app will be in four languages, English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong to help address this need of our multi-ethnic community and will have basic profiles of symptoms and background information on the most prevalent bacterial and viral illnesses in the Merced community.

Project Status

Get S.E. T. is currently working on two projects, the velocity track and earthquakes projects.  Each help students grasp physics concepts of conservation of energy and the transfer of energy from potential to kinetic energy. From launching marbles off a velocity track to calculate the distance traveled to  simulating plate tectonics to visualize how earthquakes are caused, students get a hands on application to their curriculum.  Each project has student worksheets to accompany them and awaiting testing in the classroom for the Spring 2017 semester.

Faculty Adviser:

Associate Professor Yanbao Ma

Research Interests: 
  • Mesoscale non-diffusive heat transfer
  • Mesoscale mass and energy transport in energy systems
  • Thermal management of electronics and energy  systems
  • Environment-friendly water desalination systems


Community Partner:

Merced County Office of Education (MCOE)

Recognizing the important contribution of education to the strengthening and growth of American democracy, the Merced County Board of Education affirms its strong belief in the free public schools of our United States of America, which ensures equal educational opportunities for all children.


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