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Get S.E.T.

Revolutionizing K-12 instruction in Merced County

48% of eighth-grade students and 34.3% of sixth-grade students in Merced County score below proficiency in science on standardized tests in 2017. In collaboration with sixth-grade teachers at Chenoweth Elementary School, the Get S.E.T. (Science, Engineering, and Technology) Engineering Service Learning team is designing a Plate Tectonics lab to assist students in understanding plate tectonic movements.

Project Status

Get S.E. T. is currently working on finalizing prototypes of subcomponents, and field-testing the plate tectonics lab in classrooms. The plate tectonics lab is expected to be used in sixth-grade classrooms in the fall of 2018.

Faculty Adviser:

Associate Professor Yanbao Ma

Research Interests: 
  • Mesoscale non-diffusive heat transfer
  • Mesoscale mass and energy transport in energy systems
  • Thermal management of electronics and energy  systems
  • Environment-friendly water desalination systems


Community Partner:

Merced County Office of Education (MCOE)

Recognizing the important contribution of education to the strengthening and growth of American democracy, the Merced County Board of Education affirms its strong belief in the free public schools of our United States of America, which ensures equal educational opportunities for all children.


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