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Leading the way towards sustainability

In partnership with the UC Merced Sustainability department, the LEED Lab Engineering Service Learning team is performing the Existing Buildings Certification: Operations & Maintenance for the Recreation Center and the Student Activities and Athletics Center at UC Merced. Utilizing technical and design principles, the LEED Lab team is gathering data on operations and the maintenance activities as part of the application process.

Project Overview

UC Merced is focused on 2020 green building goals. The LEED Lab Engineering Service Learning team is assisting completing this goal with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Existing Buildings: Operation & Maitanance (LEED EB: O&M) certification on existing buildings. UC Merced prides itself on being “Green from the Ground Up,” and this project will help verify that motto. There is a need for ongoing management for the campus’ environmentally certified buildings.

LEED EB: O&M certification encourages owners of existing buildings to implement sustainable practices and improve operating efficiencies. Pursuing this certification demonstrates the university’s commitment to a green environment. 

LEED Lab members are being trained to be the next generation of “green leaders “by working with stakeholders and staff that have been responsible for UC Merced’s sustainability practices. By providing this service for the campus’ sustainability efforts, students make themselves marketable in sustainability-related fields by attaining skills and knowledge needed to be effective communicators, project managers, critical thinkers, problem solvers, engaged leaders, and team players in the field of sustainability. By pursuing this project, members also have the opportunity to prepare for and take the LEED Green Associate (GA) or Accredited Professional (AP) exam to be credentialed in managing green building projects.


The LEED Lab team completed Phase 1 of the EPICS Design Process: Project Identification during the last week of instruction. If not for the determination of the time constraints of the project, the team would have already reached Phase 2: Specification Development. However, this delay was due to the numerous credit summaries that had to be completed. There is a total of 59 credits to analyze. Before determining the time constraint for the project and progress past Gate 1 of the EPICS Design Process, every credit has to be evaluated in order to make an overall timeline for the completion of all the credits.

Project Status

The Spring 2018 LEED Lab team utilizing technical and design principles, is gathering technical data on operations and the maintenance activities as part of the application process. This data is used in multiple types analyses to rate the performance of the facility.  It is expected that the Recreation center buildings at the platinum level for its operations and maintenance.


Faculty Adviser

Thomas Hothem

Community Partner
UC Merced Facilities Management



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