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Merit Partners

Improving rehabilitation among incarcerated youth

The Merit Partners program at the N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility in Stockton, CA provides incarcerated wards of the state vocational training in the e-waste recycling industry that helps contribute to lower recidivism rates. The Merit Partners Engineering Service Learning team is identifying the components of the Merit Partners program that lead to success through detailed sociological studies and engineering strategies and tools that will allow Merit partners to increase the number of participants in their program. 

Project Status

Currently, the team is performing a sentiment analysis of interviews conducted with prior Merit Partners participants and is finalizing their research report that will be submitted for review to relevant academic journals.

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Tanya Golash-Boza

Research Interests:

  • Immigration policy
  • Deportations
  • Racial identity 
  • Human rights
  • U.S. Latinos/as
  • Latin America



Community Partner:

Strengthen communities through research and training to connect high-risk young people to positive futures. The mission of Merit Partners is to Strengthen and Reclaim Young Lives

Team Biographies