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Project Protect

Reducing the effects of antibiotic resistant bacteria

In Cooperation with Healthy House, the Project Protect Engineering Service Learning team is working to reduce the communication gap between healthcare providers and their patients.  By creating a user-centric mobile application, the team is providing users with a list of questions and prompts to aid them in understanding the treatments by their doctors.  The app will be in four languages, English, Spanish, Punjabi, and Hmong to help address this need of our multi-ethnic community and will have basic profiles of symptoms and background information on the most prevalent bacterial and viral illnesses in the Merced community.  

Project Status

The team has created preliminary drafts of the application in English and has begun to field test the application with UC Merced students as well as ethnic communities in Merced County.  Based on the feedback the team has received, modifications are being made to revise the application and begin translation of the app into additional languages. The Healthy Host app is projected to be completed in April 2017. 


Faculty Adviser:
Professor Miriam Barlow

Research Interests:

  • Evolution of bacteria
  • Predicting the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  • Testing evolutionary theory




Community Partner:
Healthy House

The Mission of Healthy House Within a MATCH Coalition is to promote the well-being and health of all people in our multi-ethnic community through the provision of education, services, and advocacy which are founded on respect for language, culture and health equity.



Team Biographies