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Leadership Positions


Engineering Service Learning teams are lead and organized by the students.

Faculty and industry mentors provide insight into design processes and help identify technical resources. Each Engineering Service Learning team is composed of up to six students from all grade levels and majors or disciplines. Engineering Service Learning teams meet weekly during lab in the PG&E Engineering Service Learning Laboratory (SE1 160), where they consult with their team advisors, build prototypes and work to implement technology-based solutions to meet their client’s needs.

Leadership roles are standard for all Engineering Service Learning students. Leadership positions include Project Manager, Communications Officer, Media Specialist, Documentation Officer, Safety Officer, and Finance Officer. No need for prior leadership experience before joining Engineering Service Learning; training is mandatory for all Engineering Service Learning leadership positions.



Project Manager

  • Responsible for the overall operation and effectiveness of the team

  • Plans and schedules team meetings

  • Interfaces with project mentors

Communications Officer

  • Oversee and manage all external communication

  • Schedule all client meetings

  • Provide weekly status updates to stakeholders

Documentation Officer

  • Responsible for maintaining project documentation and reports

  • Ensure all documents are accessible and organized

Media Officer

  • Manage the development of project posters and presentation materials

  • Lead the development of all marketing materials associated with project deliverables

Safety Officer

  • Create a safety plan for all builds and experiments associated with the project

  • Perform safety assessments for all project deliverables

Finance Officer

  • Develop and manage the team’s project budget

  • Purchase all project materials

  • Arrange for parking and vehicle reservations associated with project travel

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