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Unmanned Aerial Systems Biographies for Spring 2017

Hunter Drobenaire

Project Manager

Hunter Drobenaire is a fourth year Bioengineering student with an interest in sustainable energy and Biosystems engineering. He is the Project Manager of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team for Engineering Service Learning. Having previous experience in Engineering Service Learning as team lead, Drobenaire plans to provide knowledge and leadership skills for the UAV team in order to accomplish project goals. He chose the UAV team because he has an interest in combining electronic devices with agricultural applications to create more effective methods of field maintenance. Through an interactive approach, Drobenaire hopes to integrate every member of the team to complete a deliverable product.

Luis Angel Mejia

Assistant Project Manager

Luis Angel Mejia is a second year Mechanical Engineering student. Mejia is the Assistant Project Manager of the Engineering Service learning team Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. He selected this team because of the passion Mejia has with using aviation related technology to advance society in various realms of research. Scholastically, Mejia is fixed towards earning an Aerospace Engineering degree in order to aid with the advancements in interstellar travel. Aside from school, Mejia spends his time travelling with his girlfriend to National Parks, playing the ukulele, and visiting his family back in Los Angeles.

Arturo Ramirez Reyes

Team Lead


Arturo Ramirez Reyes is a first-year Computer Science and Engineering student. Ramirez is the team leader of the imaging team for the Engineering Service Learning team, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Ramirez plans to use this opportunity to further gain experience in software development, but more importantly to further develop as a leader. Ramirez has created different programs in Java, but plans to create a app with a group of friends. Ramirez main interests are his Catholic faith, computer science, and spending time with loved ones.

Joshua Jensen

Team Lead


Josh Jensen is a third-year Mechanical engineering student. Jensen is a team leader of the Engineering Service Learning team UAV. He has always been passionate about community service, making this project a good fit. With knowledge from this hands-on learning project, he plans on finding further applications for drones in everyday life. Jensen is avidly interested in sustainable, renewable energies and hopes to carry this into his work in any way he can. He loves traveling, already visiting nine different countries and planning trips to several more in the near future.

Dennis Kuma

Communications Officer


Dennis Kuma is a second-year student at UC Merced pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He is a team member for the Engineering Service Learning team, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle section. Kuma hopes to learn a lot different aspects of unmanned aerial vehicles that may help him to understand the capabilities of UAV’s. The idea of working with unmanned aerial vehicles strikes the interest of Dennis Kuma, which is why he chose the team to work with in this semester in Engineering Service Learning. He also enjoys playing basketball and football with friends during his free time.

Mohammed Amwas

Intellectual Property Officer


Mohammed Amwas is a third year Bioengineering undergraduate student. Amwas is the current Intellectual Property Officer of the Engineering Service Learning Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). He joined the UAV team because it gave him an excellent opportunity to work with modern technologies and gain hands-on experience. In the future, Amwas plans to expand his knowledge about UAVs and work on developing Medicinal Emergency UAVs that can improve global health. Amwas likes to spend his spare time with friends or family and enjoys traveling to discover new places and the beauty of nature.

Zac Ross

Procurement and Finances Officer


Zachary Ross is a sophomore Computer Science and Engineering student. He is the project manager of the Engineering Service Learning Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Ross decided to join the UAV team because they are an interest to him and also will allow him to get hands-on experience working with a team and doing a project that could be similar to one in the real world. In his free time, Ross enjoys gaming, with a particular interest in Super Smash Bros.

Brian Rendon


Brian Rendon is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. Rendon is a member of the Engineering Service Learning team, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). He hopes to obtain skills through the hands-on experience of working to fix the unmanned drone, flying the drone, and communicating with the local community. He hopes his skills in soldering and previous engineering escapades transfer to the UAV project to benefit the local community. Rendon loves listening to music while being outdoors.

Amanda Olson


Amanda Olson is a third-year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Merced. Olson is a member of the Unmanned Arial Vehicles team in the engineering service learning program. Olson chose this team because it provides an insight on both software engineering and mechanical engineering while offering hands-on experience. The art of creation and design is one of Olson’s greatest passions, along with spending time with her family. 

Leonel Flores


Leonel Flores is a first-year student pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Flores is a team member of the Engineering Service Learning’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team. He chose it because he has always had an interest in flying and intends to get more involved with drones since he believes they will be essential for the future. Growing up, Flores had an interest in aircraft and intends to work in that field after obtaining his degree. He enjoys watching historical documentaries as well as exploring new places during his leisure time.

Humberto Melendez


Humberto Melendez is a first year Mechanical Engineer major. Melendez is a member of the UAV team, an Engineering Service Learning team. Melendez has a strong passion creating robots and hopes to career in building advance prosthetics for people in need. Melendez joined the team broaden his scopes of aerial robotics. His free time is spent creating robots and artificial arms. He has worked at a Fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) in Richmond, CA, teaching teachers on how to operate the machinery. Robots aren’t his only passion. Soccer’s a great influence in His life and feels privileged to be on the UC Merced Men’s Soccer team.

Victoria Manh


Biography coming soon!

Nicolas Limon


Nicolas Limon is a first year Mechanical Engineering student. Limon is a team member of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team, an Engineering Service Learning group. He chose this team because it appealed to his mechanical engineering interest while simultaneously helping members of the community with a real issue. Having a background in green technologies, he hopes to apply what he has already learned in order to be a valuable asset to the team. With the skills he acquired from being Vice President of robotics team 4583, he can assist in software design and contribute a different perspective on the project.

Phoskrit Manikalak


Phoskrit Manikalak is a fourth year student pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Phoskrit is a member of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team, an Engineering Service Learning team. Phoskrit plans to use his experience from CAD courses to provide the team with knowledge on 3D modeling and design. Phoskrit has a strong passion for clean energy and hopes to have a carrier in the energy industry. Through hands-on experience, he hopes to gain valuable skills from designing a working UAV.

Christopher Guzman


Guzman is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. He is taking Engineering Service Learning again to gain more technical and people skills to help him be better prepared for the workforce. His current interests are automotive and also architecture. Guzman chose UAV because he thought it also help him work with machines such as the drone and gain more technical experience with technology and machines, including coding. On his free time, Guzman likes to play basketball, spend time with his family and friends, run, and listen to music.