Idea of Experience

GIS-Essentials Skill Session

Risk Assessment Skill Session

Spring 2014 Final Presentations

Circuits Skill Session 1

Circuits Skill Session 2

GIS Sesion 1: GIS Essentials Skill Session

Drupal Skill Session

Drupal Skill Session Two

CAD and 3D Printing (Level 1)

UC Merced Graphic Standard

CAD and 3D Printing (Level 2)

GIS Session 2: GIS Concepts and Essentials

CAD and 3D Printing (Level 3)

Soldering Skill Session 1

CAD and 3D Printing (Level 4)

MATLAB (Level 1) Skill Session

Speed Resume

MATLAB (Level 2) Skill Session

MATLAB (level 3) Skill Session

MATLAB (level 4) Skill Session

GIS-Session 3: Mapping and Analysis Using Google Maps Engine & Fusion Tables Skills Session

Soldering Skill Session 2

Public Speaking


Freshman Orientation

First Day of Fall Instruction

Intelectual Property Officer Training

Basics of Soldering!

Project Manager Training

Buisness Productivity!

Basics of running MATLAB!

GIS Essentials Workshop

Introduction to CAD Modeling!

2D CAD Modeling!

Introduction to Circuits!

Basics of Arduinos!

MATLAB: Basics of Programing

Intermediate Level Arduino Workshop!

"Build a Resume" Workshop!

Building a Weather Station using Arduinos!

Basics of Soldering 2

Speed Resume

How to Build Story Maps using

3D CAD Modeling

Introduction to Circuits

MATLAB: The next step

Using R in Industry!

MATLAB: Organizing and Debugging MATLAB Programs

Building a Robot using Arduino!

3D CAD Modeling

Big Bang! Buisness Competition

Risk Assessment

MATLAB for Numerical Analysis

How to sell experience

Register for ENG 97/197!

Veterans Day! (School Closed)

Entrepreneurship at UC Merced Info Session

Spring 2016 First Day of Instruction!

Mobile App Challenge Kick Off

Deadline for Add Period

Student Advisory Council Officer Training

Intelectual Property Officer Training

Communications Officer Training

Project Manager Training

Finance Officer Training

GIS Essentials

MATLAB: Basics

GIS Essentials

Speed Resume

Presidents Day!

MATLAB: Basics of Programming

MATLAB: The Next Step

Building Shiny Apps (in R) for Low-Cost Interactive Information!

Introduction to Circuits!

Basics to Arduino Workshop

Learn the tricks to Excel

Matlab: Debug Techniques and intermediate programming

Risk Assessement Skill Session

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design

Build a Weather Station Arduino Station

Excel beyond the tricks

Build a Weather Station Arduino Station

Excel Skills that Impress your Employeer

Build a Robot with Arduino

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design

Introduction to Circuits!

Basics of Soldering

Basics of Soldering

Basics of Soldering

Final Design Reviews

First Engineering Service Learning Lecture!

Procurement and Finance Officer Training

Intellectual Property Officer Training

Communications Officer Training

Engineering Service Learning Networking Event!

Project Manager Training

Basics of MATLAB

Engineering Service Learning Project Update Reception

Basics of Programing in MATLAB

GIS Essentials Workshop

Photoshop Done Right

Intermediate Programing in MATLAB

SQL Level 1: Setting things up in SQL

Python Basics with Topcon

Let’s put it all together with InDesign

Debugging and Advanced Programing in MATLAB

Basics of Excel

Public Speaking Skill Session Workshop

Basketball Games Analyzed with SQL

Using ArcGIS Online for GIS

Classic Mechanics with Topcon

Basics of Arduino!

The Basics of CAD Modeling

Advanced Excel

Introduction to Circuits

Basketball Players Uncovered with SQL

Advanced Python

CAD Modeling Creating a Part

Excel Macros

Junkyard Wars with Topcon

Building a Weather Station using Arduinos

CAD Assembly Modeling

Improve your Presentations with R

Basics to Soldering

Intro to Circuits

Basics to Soldering

Using Arduinos to Build a Weather Station Continued

Mobile App Development using GIS

Building a Robot using Arduinos

Speed Resume

Basics to Soldering

How to Sell your Experience

GIS Essentials Workshop

Engineering Service Learning Make Up Photo Shoot

Excel: Formulation

Excel: Advanced

Introduction to Circuits

Introduction to Soldering

Front-End Web Development: Introduction

GIS: ArcGIS Online and Pro

MATLAB: Introduction

Front-End Web Development: Introduction to Javascript

GIS: Essentials

MATLAB: Intermediate

Speed Resume Review

Front-End Web Development: Completing your Webpage!

Professional Development: Sell your Experience!

Introduction to Soldering

MATLAB: Advanced

GIS: Special Topics

MATLAB like a pro!

Arduino: Foundation

Graphic Design: Photoshop Done Right

Python Basics with Topcon

SQL BasketBall Analysis: Level 1

Computer Aided Design: Foundation

Arduino: Build a Weather Station

Learn to Solder

Graphic Design: Put it together with InDesign

Python for Engineering with Topcon

SQL Basketball Analysis: Level 2

Improving your presentations with R!

Computer Aided Design: Creating a Part

Arduino Prototyping: Weather Station Build

Python Junkyard Wars Competition with Topcon

SQL Basketball Analysis: Level 3

Computer Aided Design: Assembly Modeling

Arduino: Robot Build

Conquering Public Speaking