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Completed Projects

We Made it Happen!

Engineering Service Learning commits to completing the projects brought to us by our not-for-profit community partners. These projects are completed by teams of students each semester in the ENGR 097 and ENGR 197 classes offered here at UC Merced. Below, is a list of projects Engineering Service Learning students have completed. Click on the project names to learn more about the teams and the projects they were responsible for completing.

Completed Projects:

Project Name




Streaming Radio Station UC Merced ASUCM Spring 2016 Putting UC Merced on the air
Campus Drone Tour UC Merced Admissions Spring 2019 A drone assisted tour that will allow prospective students to livestream a UC Merced campus tour
Community Garden UC Merced Sustainability Fall 2016 Working towards sustainability at the UC Merced campus
Castle Planning & Development Tool Merced County Fall 2015 Mapping the economic development of Merced County
High-Efficiency Solar Collectors UC Merced Fall 2015 High-efficiency heat exchanger for UC Merced academics and research
Automated Economic Snapshot Tuolumne County  Fall 2018 Designing software to snapshot economic development in Tuolumne County 
Hope Respite Merced County Rescue Mission Fall 2017 Providing technical assistance in record-keeping for the Merced County Rescue Mission
Antibiotic Resistance Merced County Fall 2016 Reducing the effects of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Nano-Biology Merced Community Fall 2015 Inspiring youth to explore nanoscience
Sierra Terraces EBOM  UC Merced Sustainability Spring 2019 Performing the Existing Buildings Certification: Operations & Maintenance for the Sierra Terraces housing buildings
Strength & Materials Lab UC Merced  Fall 2015 Providing educational computer-based tools to enhance student learning
Merced Children's Museum Merced County Spring 2018 Bringing a Children's Museum to Merced County
Mobile Maker Lab Merced Community Spring 2019 A traveling maker-lab to attend outreach events and K-12 schools

Naturalist App

UC Merced Reserve Fall 2018

Field Guide app for UC Merced's reserve

Oral Health Mobile App Merced County Spring 2020 An app to improve access to healthcare for the multi-ethnic communities in Merced County
Reincorporation N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility Fall 2018 Improving rehabilitation among incarcerated youth
Reserve Gate Sign Merced County Fall 2014 UC Merced Vernal Pool and Grasslands Reserve interpretive signage
River Kiosk San Joaquin Valley Fall 2015 San Joaquin River Restoration interactive kiosk
0zone UC Merced Sustainability Spring 2018 Identifying sustainability initiatives on the UC Merced campus
Wildlife Camera Wetlands Fall 2013 Developing an interactive webcam for the California Fish and Wildlife Reserve
Kiva Green Kiva Zip Fall 2015 Developing operational plans & address some of the needs of the new Reserve
Bobcat Brewery Kiva Zip Spring 2016 Looking at sustainability initiative for Bobcat Brewery 
COB1 EBOM UC Merced Sustainability Spring 2016 Performing the Existing Buildings Certification: Operations & Maintenance for the COB1 building
Windmill Restoration  UC Merced Reserve Spring 2016 Converting a diesel-powered groundwater pump to a more environmentally friendly option
Vacuum Chamber Merced County Office of Education Fall 2016 Developing a supplementary science curriculum to support local K-12 programs
Floppy Chamber Merced County Office of Education Fall 2016 Helping local K-12 kids grasp basic physics concepts of energy 
Velocity Track  Golden Valley Highschool Fall 2017 Developing educational supplements cover basic math, physics, and other sciences 
Plate Techtonics Chenoweth Elementary  Fall 2018 Designing a Plate Tectonics lab to assist students in understanding plate tectonic movements